Mr. Curry is the President and CEO of Coyanosa Gas Services Corporation (CGSC), which since 1995 provides wholesale natural gas sales and distribution within the domestic United States of America. CGSC is a leading supplier of natural gas with a customer base consisting of private and public customers, to include large commercial, manufacturing, industrial, State and Federal government. In addition, Mr. Curry is the President and CEO of Coyanosa International Company Limited (CICL) located in Abuja, Nigeria. CICL was established in 2005 and provides logistic support to the indigenous oil and gas industry.

Mr. Curry is the founder of Victoria International LTD. (VIL) and since 1983 has served as its president and chief executive officer. He’s responsible for all activities relating to VIL’s marketing and sales of energy and IT products to public, private industry and International Markets. VIL also provides Energy Management Services to State/Local Governments and Corporate accounts. Today, VIL is one of the leading minority-owned energy marketer/brokers in the country, offering a range of energy commodities from electricity to renewable energy credits, with a customer base consisting of large utilities, Federal and State government.

Mr. Curry helped found and, is the past Chairman of the National Council of Minorities in Energy (‘NCME’) a non-profit association dedicated to the establishment of the nations premier non-profit business trade association. Founded in 2001, NCME has been promoting the development and utilization of minority-owned and women-owned businesses in the energy related sector and energy related industries in both the United States and International markets.

Mr. Curry has been a member of the “Energy Market Access Partnership” (EMAP) and currently the “Utility Market Access Partnership” (UMAP) a joint partnership between the Department of Energy and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), to promote the business opportunities for minority and women-owned energy-based businesses.

Mr. Curry started his career in marketing and sales at Xerox Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio, with various assignments such as sales manager, branch manager, regional operations manager and other national positions prior to founding Victoria International Ltd.

George Mason University, Diversity Advisory Board; Utility Market Access Partnership (UMAP); The Amos Tuck School of Business, MBEP Alumni Association; National Council of Minorities in Energy (NCME), Department of Energy, Small Business Advisory Team.

Cleveland College, Case Western Reserve University