CGSC purchases supplies of gas and Oil products from a variety of sources and arranges for transportation of the products from the points of purchase by means of unaffiliated interstate and intrastate pipelines and tanker truck. CGSC has month-to-month (spot) purchase contracts, medium-term, and long-term contractual relationships with natural gas producers in the Louisiana Gulf, East Texas, Appalachian gas, San Juan Basin and Rockies.

CGSC believes that changing market, economic and regulatory conditions will make proficiency in gas gathering and transport even more critical to the success of independent marketing operations. To be an able operator in this environment, CGSC has access to the following major interstate pipelines: ANR, TransCo, Columbia Gulf Transmission, Columbia Gas Transmission, Dominion Transmission, Transwestern, EL Paso, Northwest, Ruby and Kern, Alliance Pipeline, Northern Border, NGPL, Trunk Line.

In 1996, CGSC established a strategy of direct marketing of heating fuel oils and other petroleum products. CGSC provides competitive pricing on both spot purchases and long-term contractual arrangements. We can negotiate and manage fuel supply contracts, provide fuel price indexing, and provide traditional and non-traditional market analysis. Through CGSC’s variety of suppliers and experience we can provide professional and efficient supply of these products to our customers.