We provide maximum pricing flexibility to our accounts, enabling them to select the arrangement most convenient and satisfactory to meet their needs. Based on our customer’s preferences we can offer prices that are (a) market sensitive on a monthly basis, (b) indexed to the host Local Distribution Company (LDC) rates, or (c) set at a fixed price for an agreed-upon period of time. We will also design a customized pricing mechanism if none of the conventional methods satisfy the customer’s requirements.


CGSC will offer customers the flexibility to “lock-in” future month prices without being exposed to margin calls. CGSC can also offer price warranty, setting a ceiling on prices during the term of a contract.


Coyanosa Gas Services Corp., unlike most other vendors, guarantees 100% deliveries of nominated transportation gas to the designated pooling point or to the host LDC city gate, thus striving to keep the customer entirely off tariff gas. Exceptions to this guarantee occur when events outside the control of CGSC will conspire to prevent total delivery of the nominated quantity, namely, inability by the LDC to accept CGSC gas (a rare occurrence), and ” force majeure” events that affect the operations of the interstate pipeline. This guarantee also applies to heating oil customers.


Should you, the customer, wish to make changes in the volume of gas or oil ordered during the course of the month, CGSC can make changes in your volumes for greater or lesser amounts to be shipped if notified within the monthly delivery period.


We will review, analyze and audit your LDC billings for accuracy each month, making certain that you are receiving credit for all transportation gas shipped and that your invoices from the utility are free of errors relating to your purchased gas. In addition, should any problem develop with your gas account that requires investigation through your LDC, we will gladly act on your behalf.